The Best Affair Websites: Tried & Compared by a Real Cheating Wife

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Adriana S

As a long-time user of Sasha7, they originally contacted me to conduct unbiased competitor research for them. They wanted to know what other affair websites did well so they could improve. I produced a report for them, and later we realized that it would make a great article for their users. This is that article.

Firstly, I joined Sasha7 because I felt it was better than other affair sites, particularly regarding its focus on women. This makes it challenging to remain unbiased in this article, but I will do my best.

What makes a good affair site?
I will judge these affair websites based on five criteria:

1. Userbase: How many users do they have, how active are their users, and how responsive are they?

2. Women: What is the quality and quantity of women on these affair sites?

3. Features: What unique and clever features do these cheating sites have?

4. Functionality: How easy and practical are they to use?

5. Pricing: What do they charge, how do they charge, and how much value do they provide?

Ultimately, the most important factor is how enjoyable they are to use. Which of these sites gets my blood pumping, gives me butterflies when I use it at work, and gets me excited to meet my cyber partner in crime when we plan a meeting?

The affair sites I chose to test are:
Ashley Madison: Considered the world's oldest and most well-known affair site.
Gleeden: Has a stronger brand recognition as an affair site in Europe than Ashley or Sasha.
Sasha7: They contracted me to find out what other affair sites do better so they can improve their site.

I spent one week on each of them as a woman and then tried them all over again as a man (this was eye-opening and quite shocking for me πŸ˜‚).

affair sites
affair site

I went undercover as a man on these affair sites to understand the women on each site, the payment/prices, and the ease of getting a date. I won't lie; it was a lot of fun to see what is going on "behind the curtain" and what you guys are up against when you join an affair website. To be fair, I used the getting started/tips and tricks guide from Sasha7 when creating my male profile on Sasha7, and I decided to replicate that profile on Ashley Madison and Gleeden to give them a fair shot too. I also signed up with the same profile (different email address) in six different cities to get a better idea of the community. So, to recap, I signed up as a man (a rather dashing one, if I may say so myself πŸ˜‚) on these affair sites: Ashley Madison, Gleeden, and Sasha7, in the following cities: Sydney, Calgary, NYC, Vancouver, Washington DC, and Brisbane.

The results were surprising. I expected Ashley Madison to dominate in terms of the number of profiles in these large cities, but shockingly, there were only about 275 total female profiles in NYC, even fewer in the Canadian cities, and even fewer in the Australian cities. Approximately 50% of the profiles only had private photos and no public-facing photos of any kind. As a woman, this was a huge surprise. Despite these being affair sites, I never once thought of putting up a "faceless" profile. I would always have at least one public photo of my body, back, or even feet πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. Gleeden had some good and alluring profiles, but they seemed suspicious to me. They looked like they had been cut out of a magazine, were unresponsive, and I even saw one profile that was catfishing as a well-known pornstar. Sasha7 had the best variety of women, ranging from cheating wives to cuckold couples, swingers, and sugar babies. In terms of responsiveness, Gleeden seemed especially inactive, as if the profiles were very old and not active. Finally, as a woman, I never realized how much of a disadvantage it is for men not to be able to read messages without paying. I almost wanted to declare Sasha7 the best affair website in the world solely because they allow you to read your messages without upgrading.

Ashley Madison: 5/10
Gleeden: 4/10
Sasha7: 7/10

Without repeating what I said in the previous section, I found the selection of women to be poor and underwhelming on both Ashley and Gleeden. However, I did manage to start a conversation (which went nowhere on Ashley). On Sasha7, I got two women to add me on Snapchat and two more on Kik. Safe to say, by the end of my time as a man on Sasha7, I felt like quite the casanova 🀣. It didn't go any further because, well, I'm a woman pretending to be a man πŸ˜…. I found the variety of women on Sasha7 to be much better than the other affair sites. However, I was surprised to see how many profiles on all these affair sites were so bare. I recommend the Sasha7 team to send out an email to all new users on how to create a great profile, as I figured these bare profiles were probably due to women joining out of curiosity or not knowing how to create a discreet yet alluring profile, especially if they've been married for a long time and are out of the dating scene (particularly the online dating scene).

Ashley Madison: 6/10
Gleeden: 5/10
Sasha7: 8/10

This was an easy one. Sasha7 is the only affair site that lets you send disappearing photos and voice notes. As a woman, hearing a man with a masculine voice is such a turn-on. I'm shocked that most men don't realize this. Also, as someone with a Latina background, I am addicted to sending voice notes (especially while driving), so this feature really helped. The advantage of disappearing photos is obvious; if you're a man with this feature, you can expect to receive a lot more racy photos. Personally, I've only sent racy photos on Snapchat and Sasha7. I just wouldn't trust someone not to keep them πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. The only feature that both Ashley Madison and Gleeden had and Sasha7 did not was the ability to send virtual gifts, which I don't really understand. As a male user, I sent a couple of these gifts, and they seemed like a huge waste of credits (money). Not one gift garnered a response, so that should tell you everything you need to know.

Ashley Madison: 5/10
Gleeden: 5/10
Sasha7: 9/10

affair websites
affair website

I spent about two weeks on each affair site, one week as a man and one week as a woman. I found all three sites to be incredibly responsive at first, but I noticed a significant difference when switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data. I strongly recommend not using your company's Wi-Fi to browse affair sites on your phone (using company computers is a given). Once I switched off Wi-Fi, Ashley Madison slowed down significantly. I think this is because they use a "single-page application" approach, where they load all the elements onto the same page repeatedly instead of loading new pages. This can be really annoying when browsing or chatting, especially from a car. I found all of them to be pretty intuitive on mobile, but Gleeden was the worst affair site on desktop. It looked like something out of 1997. My contacts at Sasha7 told me that they are adamant about beating their competition in terms of speed and rendering, and it's pretty obvious when using these apps on 3G, 4G, or 5G which ones are optimized for mobile.

Ashley Madison: 5/10
Gleeden: 8/10
Sasha7: 9/10

Ashley Madison offers a credit-based system where it's 10 credits for every conversation you try to start. The sneaky part is the pre-selected monthly subscription called "Member Initiated Contact" or "MIC" that is offered to you for free for the first month (probably so you won't see it on your bill), and then they rebill you $19-29 for it every month thereafter. This really put me off.
Gleeden also offer a credit system like Ashley Madison, but the packages are more reasonably priced. They also offer a subscription, which is basically just a sneaky way of saying an auto top-up every month (you still use credits to write to people). The real downside here is that Gleeden charges you credits to read the messages you receive! This seems to be a money grab that greatly affects users' experience on the site.
Sasha7 has by far the most straightforward plans and prices. It's a subscription that you can easily cancel on your own at any time. You can read any and all messages you receive without a subscription at all (this is actually a huge advantage over both Ashley and Gleeden, who hide your messages until you pay). The price is the price with 0 hidden fees, and nothing adult-related or related to Sasha7 shows up on your bill. Just a nondescript payment service.

Ashley Madison: 2/10 most expensive by far
Gleeden: 5/10 sneakily charges you credits to read your own messages!
Sasha7: 9/10 pretty straightforward pricing with no hidden fees


After thoroughly testing and comparing three popular affair websites - Ashley Madison, Gleeden, and Sasha7 - it is clear that Sasha7 stands out as the top choice. As a real cheating wife, I approached this review with the intention of providing unbiased insights into each site's user base, women profiles, features, functionality, and pricing.

When it comes to the user base, Sasha7 excels in terms of user activity, responsiveness, and sheer number of profiles. While Ashley Madison, considered the world's oldest and most well-known affair site, falls short with a limited number of female profiles, Sasha7 boasts a diverse range of users, including cheating wives, cuckold couples, swingers, and sugar babies. Additionally, Sasha7's user-friendly approach, such as allowing free access to read messages without requiring an upgrade, demonstrates their commitment to providing an enjoyable experience for their members.

The quality and quantity of women on an affair site play a crucial role in its appeal. In this aspect, both Ashley Madison and Gleeden underwhelm with poor selections and unresponsive profiles. Sasha7, on the other hand, provides a significantly better variety of women, allowing for more engaging interactions. It is worth noting that many profiles on all sites lacked substance, which could be addressed through better guidance for new users in creating compelling and discreet profiles.

One of Sasha7's standout features is its ability to send disappearing photos and voice notes. As a woman, I found the experience of hearing a man's masculine voice incredibly alluring, and the feature of sending voice notes added an exciting element to my interactions. In contrast, Ashley Madison and Gleeden's feature sets were less impressive, with the only notable addition being the ability to send virtual gifts, which proved to be ineffective and a waste of credits.

Functionality is key when it comes to affair websites, and here Sasha7 surpasses its competitors. While all three sites initially exhibited responsiveness, Ashley Madison suffered from a significant slowdown when transitioning from Wi-Fi to mobile data due to its single-page application approach. Gleeden, while functional on mobile, fell short with an outdated and cumbersome desktop interface. Sasha7's dedication to speed and rendering optimization is evident, as the site performs exceptionally well across various mobile networks.

The pricing structure is an important consideration for users seeking an affair website. Ashley Madison's credit-based system, coupled with its hidden monthly subscription, raises concerns about transparency and affordability. Gleeden's credit system and charges for reading received messages also negatively impact the user experience. In contrast, Sasha7's straightforward subscription model, which allows users to read all messages without any hidden fees, stands out as the most user-friendly and transparent option.

In conclusion, Sasha7 emerges as the top affair website based on its impressive user base, high-quality women profiles, innovative features, user-friendly functionality, and transparent pricing. While personal biases may influence my judgement as a satisfied user of Sasha7, the comprehensive evaluation of each criterion demonstrates its superiority over Ashley Madison and Gleeden. Whether you seek excitement, discreet connections, or genuine encounters, Sasha7 offers an engaging platform that caters to the needs and desires of individuals looking for extramarital affairs. Choose Sasha7 for a thrilling and fulfilling experience that prioritises your satisfaction and privacy.