How to Meet Cuckold Couples, Hotwives, & Bulls

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Adriana S

As a real hotwife to a cuckold husband, Sasha7 asked me to give my personal advice on the best way to meet and seduce hotwives and cuckold couples easily and without wasting time.

In this article i’m going to explain to you:

1. Why typical cuckold/hotwife sites don’t work
2. How to meet cuckold couples and hotwives on Sasha7
3. Why Sasha7 is perfect for cuckolds, bulls, and hotwives

Are you in a cuckold relationship, fantasizing about how amazing it would be to see someone give your wife the kind of sex she truly deserves?

Or perhaps you're a "bull" looking for a cuckold couple to become "friends with benefits" fantasizing about how hot it would be to please a married woman better than her husband ever could.

Photos and voice notes timed to disappear in 5 seconds.

The problem is that most websites/apps can be used to find cuckolds, hotwives, and/or bulls, but they are not designed to cater specifically to them.

It won't take long to discover that finding suitable partners is a long and incredibly frustrating ordeal.

You need to stop wasting your time with generic dating apps like Tinder.

Endless chats online with crazy people who waste your time and have no intention of actually meeting, men who pretend to be bulls but who don't really understand the cuckold dynamic, and worst of all, fakes (catfish) 😩

How many flakes will your partner put up with before they finally give up?

cuckolds and hotwives

Why cuckold sites don't work:

1. Cuckolding is a very niche fetish, which is why you often see hotwives and cuckold couples on traditional dating apps like Tinder. There simply aren't enough people in the niche to make it worthwhile to be on a cuckolding site unless you're in one of perhaps five major cities. Remember, what good is it to hit it off with a cuckold couple or hotwife if they are 2,500km away?

2. They are full of wannabe (fake) cuckolds whose wives don't even know about their fantasy or, even worse, they are single. I can't tell you how many guys I've met up with who have horror stories about the sheer amount of time wasters on cuckold sites who want to dirty talk about their fake wives or just live out the fantasy online.

3. Keeping in line with this point, cuckold and hotwife sites quickly become simple erotic fiction sites. Many people just want to chat with no intention of meeting up or share their erotic but fake stories of past cuckolding. It takes two seconds to read these types of profiles before realizing they are a) not serious about meeting and b) have a wild imagination not rooted in reality at all.

4. They are a hotbed for bisexual men looking to find a straight bull to hook up with the promise of finding them women ...eventually. This was a shock for even me, but after talking with my main bull, he has assured me it is an unfortunate reality.

5. Sasha7® is where you can meet other like-minded people without fear of being judged, ridiculed, outed, or publicly rejected. It is also a safe space for you to explore your fetishes and desires without affecting other areas of your life.

This is how Sasha7® is different. Sasha7® is the largest discreet, non-judgmental, and like-minded community in the world.

Anonymous profiles, secret chat, and private photo galleries.

How to meet hotwives and cuckold couples on Sasha7:

#1 Stand out with a profile photo: Most male profiles on cheating sites are sloppy; many don't even have a single photo. By investing a little time and effort into taking discreet but attractive photos, you will stand out from 95% of the competition. Use your cell phone's high-resolution camera, wear your best suit, set a timer and a tripod for stability, take about 100 photos, and select the best 2-4 for your profile. Use the Sasha7 photo editor to ensure discretion by cropping, smudging, or masking your images. Keep the original photos in your private gallery, granting or revoking access as desired.

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#2 Emphasize discretion: Most cuckold couples have "real lives" they don't want overlapping with their "cuckold lifestyle." Ensuring discretion and trust is crucial. Include a statement in your profile such as: "Discretion is extremely important to me. I am only interested in discreet partners who value mutual respect."

#3 Show respect: Don't start off by trying to be super dominant right away and don't marginalize the cuckold. Firstly, it's not at all authentic and reeks of desperation. Being a couple's "bull" is something they allow you to be, not something you can demand. You need to feel out what their dynamic is first and not be presumptuous.

#4 Show that you are available: Availability is a major challenge with cuckold couples since both people have real lives, families, and careers. Communicate that you can adjust to their schedule, as this flexibility is a significant advantage. Let them know that you are willing to meet whenever and wherever it is most convenient for her.

#5 Respect the limits: Ask her to explicitly define their limits. Hotwives and cuckolds have different limits. Some enjoy humiliation, some do not; some cuckolds want to watch, and some hotwives play alone (usually it's a mix). Setting clear boundaries will help cement you as an authentic and experienced bull in their minds and helps determine whether you're a match for each other.

#6 Praise her: Hotwives can feel neglected and unappreciated by their husbands, and compliments are a great way to get her to open up. Additionally, complimenting the hotwife is a great way to establish a connection with the cuckold. Tell him how hot his wife is and how lucky he is to have her, and express understanding of his desire for her to have the best sexual experience (even if it's one he can't provide himself).

meet hotwives

New to online/discreet dating? We guide you through creating a discreet yet attractive profile!

Why Sasha7 is better:

1. Not all cuckolding is done with the consent of both partners: In fact, the original meaning of cuckolding was when a man's wife would cheat on him behind his back. While the cuckolding fetish has become much more mainstream, a large portion of hotwives are still cuckolding their husbands behind their backs. In fact, many bulls actually prefer this arrangement because they don't need to deal with all the demands and requirements of the cuckold. They are free to have fun with the hotwife without interference.

2. A melting pot for interconnected fetishes: Sasha7 is for anyone seeking a discreet, like-minded, and non-judgmental community. So it's no surprise that you will find all sorts of people with fetishes on there, many of which are tangential to cuckolds and hotwives. BDSM doms, swingers, BDSM subs, ddlg and age play women, sugar babies, people in open relationships, etc. Imagine trying to ask a random person on a generic dating site what their opinion on chastity cages is 😂. You can see how each of these users can help create the perfect community for cuckold couples. At Sasha7, our users are typically familiar with all the kinks that go hand in hand with cuckold relationships or are at the very least very open to exploring them. Discussing your limits and kinks is a 100% normal daily occurrence on Sasha7. You won't be shocking anyone. When you use the right tool for the job, the job is infinitely easier.

Discretion:The vast majority of cuckold couples are not "out." Meaning that besides their partners and bulls, no one in their "normal life" knows about their fetish. While there are exceptions to this, they are exceptions, not the rule. As such, many cuckold couples need discretion when looking for a partner. Sasha7's photo editor and disappearing photos and voice notes features make it an ideal site for finding bulls, cucks, or hotwives for anyone who needs discretion. Additionally, many cuckold couples specifically seek cheating men since they are guaranteed to be discreet!

Women can join for free: While women can't message other women on the site (this is to prevent men from signing up as women and spamming people), women can still join for free and message other male members. This is done specifically to increase the female-to-male ratio. So while Sasha7 might have a signup rate of 3.4 women for every 10 men, the active users (users who can respond to messages) is closer to 1:1 since every woman can message, but only upgraded men can.

Your life is too busy to waste time on flakes. You have a job, a spouse, and probably a family. Don't waste time on sites that don't deliver.

The problem with niche dating is that it's just that, niche.

Getting a large online community together for something very niche can be very challenging.

Sasha7 features: The world’s largest discreet, like-minded, and non-judgmental community.

So this is how Sasha7 does it:

We launch our site one city at a time: with a focus on that specific market until we have a vibrant community there. Australia, for example, was not launched as one country but rather clusters of cities one at a time, and then we grew our marketing to include a larger and larger radius around those cities. The cities with the most active users globally are Washington DC, Sydney, New York, LA, and Melbourne. However, in Australia, our top cities (cities we've put the most focus on) also include Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra.

Female-focused: It's clear Sasha7 makes a real effort to get women onto their site. In fact, news broke earlier this year that Sasha7 incited outrage with its female-targeted advertising. They spent over $500,000 on full-page advertisements in prominent women's magazines such as Women's Health, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. The advertisements generated more than 9,000 complaints from readers, prompting the editorials to remove the contentious ads. Consequently, Sasha7 filed a lawsuit against the editorials, alleging breach of contract and infringement on their freedom of speech.

The Vice-President of Sasha7, Sasha Correia, had this to say:

"The objective of this campaign was straightforward: to ignite interest among women, and it successfully accomplished that goal. We firmly believe that by prioritizing the attraction and retention of women, men will naturally follow."
This strategy appears to have been quite successful, as Sasha7 reported over 18,000 female sign-ups in the days following the ads.

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