How to Cheat on Your Wife in Australia: by a Real Cheating Wife from Sydney

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Adriana S

As a long-time user of Sasha7 & Australian, they contacted meet teach their Australian users how to cheat on their wives so I went undercover as a man on several cheating sites to bring you the answer to the question "How can I cheat on my wife?".


There has been overwhelming interest from Australians who want to cheat on their wives. In fact, there are over 9,000 searches per month for "Cheat on wife" in Australia alone. On a per capita basis, this makes Australia #1 in the world. And, let's face it, it's not surprising; Australian women can be …challenging 😏 As an Australian woman who has used websites like Sasha7, Ashley Madison, and other popular affair platforms to successfully engage in both long-term and short-term affairs, the Sasha team reached out to me to assist their Australian users in having discreet affairs. One of the requirements was that I needed to go "undercover" as a man on the major affair websites to gain a genuine male perspective. I won't deny it; this was the most enjoyable part of my research. So, here it is, compiled from my personal experiences, research, and experiments: A Guide on How to Cheat on your Wife in Australia

affair sites
affair site


This is the most important step. With so many affair sites supposedly catering to the Australian market it can be dizzying to select one. If you want to maximise your chances of cheating on your wife you need to figure out what is the best affair site in Australia. I narrowed it down to the top 3 and went through each cheating site to determine exactly which one would be best for an Australian looking to cheat on his wife.

Active users

Firstly, we need to find cheating wifes in Australia. What good is it if the affair partner you find is in another country? In fact, while I was using these sites to find an affair I would routinely ignore anyone further than a 2 hour drive from me. So location is a huge factor here.

Ashley Madison boasts the most members in the world but I quickly discovered this statistic is almost useless when it comes to finding a cheating wife.

I am guessing most of their users are in North America because I found a limited number of women here in Sydney, Australia. The ones I did find either had no photos and no bios or were super old and inactive or the Ashley Madison hack scared off most of their users and left only dormant and inactive profiles.

The stat that matters is not the quantity of users but the activity; which site has the most active users in my location.

I would rather have a few active users in my location than a giant amount of dead/inactive profiles that will never respond.

To my surprise I actually found more users on Sasha7 than on Ashley Madison. The team at Sasha7 however was not at all surprised. Apparently while Ashley Madison does country level launches Sasha7 does city level launches. Meaning, Ashley Madison will launch all of Australia at once while Sasha7 will launch city by city building up a community in each city before moving to the next. It’s more time consuming but ultimately I found the results speak for themselves.


To compare how active each site was I signed up as a guy using some photos I knew would elicit a response from any woman seriously looking for an affair in Australia. I signed up in 3 different cities in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) and waited to see who would message me.

In 24 hours these were the results.

Sasha7: 4 messages total across 3 cities
Ashley Madison: 2 total across 3 cities 2 total across 3 cities

But here was the shocking part I never even realised as a female user on these cheating sites.

On Ashley Madison & Affairsdownunder you need to pay to even read what someone wrote you!

You can’t read your messages without upgrading (paying) first. In fact, Sasha7 was the only platform that allowed me to read my messages.

So I upgrade on each site in order to run my next test:

To compare responsiveness I crafted a great introduction message (see section on the) and sent it to 30 women who caught my eye on each platform.

Response rates were:

Sasha7: 17% responded
Ashley Madison: 10% responded 7% responded

Sasha7 is the clear winner here. Frankly, I’m blown away that the other affair site won't even let you read your message as a free user. As a woman this seems totally nuts to be but shrug 🤷‍♀️. Good luck cheating on your wife if you can’t even read what the interested women wrote to you first.

affair websites
affair website



Your photo is the most crucial part of your profile. If you can include a face photo you have a huge advantage. If not, Sasha7 gives you really awesome examples of how you can take seductive but discreet photos that will catch someone's eye without showing your face.

If you put no effort into your photos don’t be surprised when you get 0 action. I want to see your bare back, I want to see something naughty, I want to see you in your sweaty football uniform, I want seductive photos that set my imagination wild!

Remember that you can always restrict access to your private gallery later. If not, then this is where you should keep your photos that are a bit too sexy for a public profile picture.

About me section

The women on these affair sites want to know that you are discrete and value/respect both your discretion and hers. The last thing a woman wants is a clingy person, stalker, or someone who interprets casual one-night stands as a continuous relationship.

Some women are looking for an affair, some are in open relationships, some are seeking a quick hookup. But whatever the reason for using an affair site, everyone wants to know that their discretion is guaranteed!

Consider, especially if you're single, putting something in your first message that highlights this, or even better, in your profile description!

Here's an example that personally made me more comfortable in the past:

About me:
“I'm not looking to change my status or yours.”
“I'm a professional, and discretion is very important to me.”
“I'm respectful and discreet, and I expect the same.”

Many women are seeking affairs because they feel under appreciated so try to talk about what you can do for them. Sell yourself. What can you bring to their life (spontaneity, excitement, lust) and how.

This is what I settled on in my bio:
I am attached and value both my privacy and yours. Not looking to change anyone's status just looking to add some excitement and spontaneity to someone's life. Let’s start with a casual coffee to see if the chemistry is right and go from there ;) Would love to show someone special how clear the stars can be from the open ocean.

affair websites
affair website


Take your time and write a good introduction message, but remember to leave room to add personal details about the person you're messaging, and DON'T FLOOD women with the same unoriginal introduction message. It not only doesn't work but is also annoying.

This is what I went with for an opening message:

"Hi, your profile caught my attention.
Particularly, what you said about wanting to break up the monotony and try something new and exciting. It seems like we're looking for similar things here; maybe we can help each other 😉. I'll teach you how to boat if you teach me how to cook... although you might have your work cut out for you there, lol. Anyways, I'd love to know more about you and what you're looking for ideally. Let me know if you're interested, and we can take it from there."


1. "I'm interested in you."
2. "This is why."
3. "This is why I think we'd be a good match & what I can do for you"
4. "I want to get to know you better; you decide."

affair websites
affair website


Understand that women may feel apprehensive when arranging their first meet-up. It's essential to remember that, as a woman, meeting a stranger can raise safety concerns. If you sense any apprehension, consider lightening the mood by reminding her that the goal is to have fun, not make it overly serious. The first time I met someone from Sasha7, I was genuinely anxious and scared. However, the guy I met had a thoughtful approach. He shared his Instagram username with me, saying, 'Feel free to check it out,' just to assure me that he was a real person and not someone crazy. He added with a playful tone, 'Just a normal level of crazy 😘.' I perused his Instagram, found his photos appealing, saw comments and likes, and overall, he seemed like a regular, fun-loving guy. This made me 100 times more comfortable with the idea of meeting him.

Selecting a safe and public location is crucial. Opt for a neutral, public spot where neither of you frequents to prevent accidental encounters with acquaintances. For initial meetings, I often prefer a coffee or tea outing. It provides a secure, public environment, and if you happen to spot someone you know, you can casually explain that you're 'catching up with a colleague or friend.' Additionally, it's a low-pressure and brief option. If you realize there's no chemistry, you can part ways in about 15 minutes. Conversely, if things are going well, you can extend the date by suggesting a bar for drinks or even a hotel if the connection is truly sizzling ;)"


There's significant interest in extramarital affairs in Australia, with over 9,000 monthly searches for "Cheat on wife" in the country.

An Australian woman from Sydney, experienced in affairs through platforms like Sasha7 and Ashley Madison, shares a guide on discreet affairs in Australia. The guide is a compilation of her personal experiences, research, and experiments, offering insights into the process of cheating on one's spouse in Australia.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Site

•Choosing the right affair site is crucial for success in cheating on your spouse in Australia.
•Prioritize location-based sites, as the proximity of potential partners matters.
•Ashley Madison, while claiming a high user count, had limited active users in Sydney, possibly due to dormant profiles post-hack.
•Sasha7 proved to have more active users, thanks to its city-level launches and community-building approach.
•Response rates from active users were significantly higher on Sasha7 compared to Ashley Madison and

Step 2: Crafting Your Profile

•Profile photos are critical; they should be alluring without revealing your identity.
•Sasha7 provides examples of discreet yet enticing photos.
•Emphasize discretion and respect for privacy in your "About Me" section.
•Highlight that you're not seeking to change anyone's relationship status but want to add excitement and spontaneity.

Step 3: Opening Line/Actions

•Write a well-thought-out introduction message, avoiding generic messages.
•Personalize your message and express genuine interest.
•The subtext of your message should convey your interest, why you'd be a good match, and your desire to get to know the recipient better.

Step 4: Setting Up the 1st Meeting

•Acknowledge that women may feel apprehensive about the first meeting due to safety concerns.
•Lighten the mood and reassure her by being open and genuine.
•Share your Instagram or other social profiles to confirm your identity.
•Choose a safe, public location for the first meeting, such as a coffee shop.
•Keep the initial meeting low-pressure; if it goes well, you can extend it.

This guide, authored by an experienced Australian woman, offers practical advice for those interested in discreet affairs in Australia. It covers site selection, profile creation, initiating conversations, and ensuring safety during the first meeting, catering to those seeking to add excitement to their lives while respecting privacy and discretion.